Monday, 10 March 2014

Seriously,I Am Depressed!!!

salam n hye
eyup,so true...
seriously,i am depressed rite now...
everything seems like to be a team
personal life,family,friends,someone,lecturer & watsoever la
every single thing got their problem
maybe i do not show it literally
but,it kills me fully inside...
who knows???
just me & Allah
it takes a huge efforts for me to face it
got trapped in a garbage
dealing with so fucking system
fight with their stooges
who totally don't know anything
but do they care???
from the bottom,i gain all the strength...
slowly get up,trying to stand still...
started to walk,step by step...
so i can catch the other
put myself with them
then together go through as one
that's now i am
whether i will survive or dying
it's up to me
let the time decide
ya Allah,i'm begging...
show me the way
guide me to the solution
i know You have the plan for me
at least show me the clue
so i can guess what is the next step
i'm leaving now
till we meet again,insyaAllah... ;(

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