Wednesday, 9 May 2012

This Is My Now

salam n hye all
sje update blog ckit,he3...
as for now...mnuju ke pnghujung sem
n will facing the final exam 4 this semester
i'm quite prepared
da start study slow2
n recall blik pe yg dh aq stdy u sem ni
everything is going smoothly
n i hope i'm doing well 4 dat
urm...bout my personal life
i'm hepy wif my frens n love one
there are many sweet moments :)
n bout my relationship
i dun like when any other guys disturb my love
seriously i dun like it!!!
bcoz she's mine!!!
hope Allah jga jodoh antra aq ngan dye
sbab aq cinta dia krana Allah :)
urm...ok la,asenye stakat tu jek kot
anyway...wt wrga blog skalian
pray 4 my best during the final exam ya

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