Monday, 9 January 2012

I'ts About Yours

salam n hye all
sy bmbg sal awk
sy x tau awk skit pe sbnarnye
p sy igt ag awk ade ty sy sal nk mtak cuti awl
dri thun lpas ag awk rhsiakn skit awk 2
sy hrap awk bgtau kt sy pe pnyakit awk sbnarnye
sy bkn nk busy body or pape
sy just nk tau as org yg prnah sygkn awk n slalu sygkn awk
mne la tau sy bley tlg
lau pnyakit awk kronik n xnk bgtau sy pn,just go to hspital n see the doctor,please???
i just want to see u healthy n hepy wif ur own life
n be a teacher,just as ur late mom's wish
i hope to have u as my future wife
if u want it
i really want to hear something from u,bout u
hope u can share wif me
nyte wrga blog.......

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